Things you should know about EB

1. Everything is gluten-free.

2. Yes, everything!

3. Shhh, don’t tell your gluten-free bashing friends and ruin their day. Just let them happily eat the yummy food without knowing it’s sans gluten.


Local farms mean the world to us

We source as much as possible from the Hudson Valley. Below is a list of our regular purveyors:

Eggs – Feather Ridge Farm

Dairy – Hudson Valley Fresh

Butter – Ronnybrook Farms

Buttermilk – Hawthorne Valley Farms

Produce – Obercreek and Common Ground Farm, Homegrown at EB, Fishkill Farms. We also source from local distributors Farms2Tables and Hudson Valley Harvest.

Cheese – Chaseholm Farm, Acorn Hill Farm, Jake’s Gouda

Honey and Maple Syrup – Hudson Valley Harvest

Sadly, since we have to have such strict guidelines on our flours, we have not been able to source them locally. Instead we work with local small suppliers like ACE Naturals, Regional Access and We do our best to ensure as many products as possible are also GMO-free and organic.

Our sugar is always organic. We use evaporated cane juice for most of our recipes, but we also work with organic brown sugar, organic raw sugar and organic palm sugar in some of the recipes.

Our chocolate is fair-trade and super dark.

The starter for our breads is only 6 months younger than the shop. I sometimes call it the beast or Lil’ Kim.

We came up with all of our flour blends on our own. Almost every item we bake has a different flour blend. It’s super labor-intensive but ensures the best possible flavor profile for all of our goods.

We have always composted. ALWAYS! The day we opened the doors at EB we started a compost bucket that I used to take home with me. Now we host a local compost program on our property, and they pick it up for us and put it in our bins. The compost we produce is used to raise herbs, veggies and flowers for the shop under the super amazing hands of Diane Mae.

We don’t believe in dyes. None of our food or our packaging contains any chemical dyes or bleaching. We’re 100% natural, baby. Our take-out packaging is eco friendly - recyclable and/or compostable.

Coffee – All of our coffee comes from local micro-roasters either in the Hudson Valley or the Catskills.

Tea - We have a great selection of hand-blended teas from Tay Teas . Nini is a third generation tea blender and her line is truely wonderful.